Assassin - Breaking the Silence

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you ever remembered something as being cooler than it actually was? I don’t know how many years ago I last heard any Assassin, but I could swear that back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I used to like the band’s 1986 debut, The Upcoming Terror, and the 1988 follow-up, Interstellar Experience, so I was really looking forward to hearing this. Apparently I was thinking of a different band. Breaking the Silence is far from the worst Thrash I’ve ever heard, but it’s bad enough (especially the final track, “I Like Cola,” which is perhaps sort of a sequel to Interstellar’s “Junk Food”) that I actually did something I normally don’t: I re-listened to the band’s first two albums to see how much of a change this one is. Honestly, it’s not that much different (i.e. cut-rate Thrash that Kreator is probably embarrassed to admit is also German), so if you did like Assassin and somehow want to hear more riffs that were already worn thin when they used them in ‘86, then maybe check this out. Admittedly, I completely missed these goofy Krauts’ resurrection album, 2005’s The Club, but I now feel confident in assuming that I don’t need to hear it.

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