Asmegin - Hin Vordende Sod & So

Posted on Friday, September 03, 2010

The sticker on the front of this band’s CD case describes them as Nordic Folk Metal. To me, that label applies to bands that are much more Folk influenced than this band is. To me, Folk Metal is along the lines of bands like Falkenbach, Storm (Norway), Rivendell, Cruachan, Forefather or Graveland. These bands incorporate the Folk sound more fully than Asmegin does. Asmegin sounds more like a Death Metal band trying to be “Folk influenced” but still sounding essentially like a Death Metal band most of the time. This means down-tuned guitars, double bass drumming, growling vocals and riffs that are generally more brutal than melodic. A band in the Death Metal genre that really did European Folk well was Amorphis and to this day, they’re still probably the best Death Metal band doing that sort of thing (if you can still call what they’re doing “Death Metal”). Asmegin has some good stuff, but the Folk influenced material sounds almost like it was slapped on in places. There never seems to be a conscious effort to integrate the two divergent sounds fully. I’ll give the band credit for trying something different - our Lord and Master Satan (!!!) knows full well how badly the Norse hordes have incorporated Electronica into their music… This album has its interesting moments, but Asmegin still has a ways to go before I can say they’re contenders for the throne.

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