As I Lay Dying - Decas

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

San Diego’s As I Lay Dying have got to be the Metal scene’s most tolerated Jesus-fuckers. It’s no surprise why, they’re actually pretty damn good. Sure, I’d love to sit and watch the first segment of the Zeitgeist documentary with frontman Tim Lambesis (with all Christians for that matter) just to see what his anti-logic, anti-reason, brainwashed responses would be. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon at the coliseum watching lions eat his flesh, but that doesn’t mean Frail Words Collapse isn’t a great album for the gym, or that An Ocean Between Us isn’t perfect for long drives. I enjoy their brand of good cop/bad cop Metalcore, as they simply know how to write a memorable song. Truth is they’re such lukewarm Christians that the message never really gets preachy anyway. Which means they’ll even be in Hell with us since, last time I checked, God spits the lukewarm (cum) out of his mouth. So, the fact that I like the band aside, Decas is a pretty unnecessary compilation of scrap material. There are three brand new songs (“Paralyzed,” “From Shapeless to Breakable,” and “Moving Forward”), none of which do anything for me. Very uncharacteristically unmemorable for them. Probably throwaway cuts from The Powerless Rise sessions. Then they toss some covers our way. Slayer’s “War Ensemble” is done well, but I’m pretty sure that the faggot Christ does not want his sexy ass children listening to Slayer, let alone covering them. Oh well, 666 Hail Marys, right? Hey, speaking of being brutally sodomized by an Irishman, next up is Judas Priest’s classic “Hellion/Electric Eye” duo. Again, a decent cover, but I don’t think decent covers are selling records in a recession or in the age of file-sharing and blogspots. The last cover is an odd choice. “Coffee Mug” by Descendents? Good for the sheer novelty of hearing a serious Metalcore band do a comical Punk song, I guess, but that novelty lasts all of 40 seconds. This is followed by a slew of completely worthless remixes of select As I Lay Dying songs. I don’t have time in my life for remixes. Mix it right the first time. I don’t need to hear Dubstep variations of Metal songs, unless I’m getting blown by some Techno whore during the process. Good band, useless stopgap compilation.

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Koji Kabuto said:

Since when do you have any tolerance for religious fucktards?!
That’s just weird.

Posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 05:01:57 AM

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