Arkhon Infaustus - In Sperma Infernum

Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2010

Great Lords of the Abyss this is horrible! Usually, when I see gratuitous naked women on an album cover, I get suspicious about the actual quality of the music (the worse it is, the more gratuitous nudity on display). In this case, my suspicions were not only correct but I actually underestimated how raw and chaotic this would turn out to be. If this recording started life as a rehearsal tape, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. The production values on this are almost non-existent and the sound is rougher than getting dragged down a dirt road behind a speeding truck. Maybe I’m just not “evil” enough to appreciate the grimmer than grim sound of this band but I swear that Beherit’s Oath of Black Blood album sounded a whole lot better. In terms of music, In Sperma Infernum sort of mirrors the style of early Beherit or maybe a little of Bestial Summoning where the key factor to the music is the absolute chaos and raw, primitive sound. With this kind of a “production,” my guess is that Arkhon Infaustus wanted to add to the chaos and if that was the case, it certainly worked. Oh yeah, this is also “limited” to 666 copies so if you love that “chaotic” Black Metal sound, you’d better hurry.

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