Argentum - Stigma Mortuorum

Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2010

Awful production: muddy, low, hissy. I can’t stand that shit. I also can’t stand it when bands ask you to review their vinyl LP with “gatefold cover and killer artwork,” but what you get is a shitty dub tape with a photocopied piece of paper insert. With these two strikes against them, the music here would have to be pretty fucking awesome to salvage a respectable review. No chance. This is more of that symphonic, trollish, avant-garde Black Metal that was an original idea seven years ago. Or at least I think so. The production is so ridiculously bad that it’s hard to make anything out but wanker keyboard arrangements and Popeye talking. This gets about ½ of a motion light going on the stereo and it seriously sounds like it’s coming from the house two blocks down rather than out of my speakers. “Majestic opus” my ass!

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