Architects - Ruin

Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2010

The folks at Century Media clearly warn all scribes right off the bat. “You could waste a lot of time, breath and adjectives trying to pinpoint what Architects sound like,” reads the first line of the bio. This holds true. Architects are an extremely difficult band to describe. But god damn it, I have to try! How about “boring to the point of ceiling tile counting?” “Completely void of style or anything even remotely memorable sounding?” “Unappealing to anyone who prefers their music good?” “The antithesis of musical excitement?” “A blur of a dozen boring musical styles into one boring musical style that really sucks?” Stop me if you like any of these. “Bland, stale, anti-cool Post-PooPooKaKa?” “Trying so hard to not sound like anything, that they don’t sound like anything… good?” “So not trendy it’s trendy?” “Sleepy Core?” “Dull Rock?” C’mon, guys, this is really quite easy after all. You just have to think hard and try. “Attention span escape artistry?” “Water-flavored Kool Aid?” “A Death Metal addict’s sleepy time?” “Emotional music but, oops, I forgot the emotion?” “An all-white painting?” I think I just pinpointed what Architects sound like exceptionally well considering the difficulty.

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