Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine

Posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I admit it, I’d thought for sure that this band would have “evolved” into a more mainstream Machine, but I was wrong. Before I heard this album, I saw the band live at of all places the fucking Ozzfest. Well, Iron Maiden was there, and… Anyway, Arch Enemy really put on a great show, and so I was excited when this new album arrived. I’ve heard some people describe this as “Metalcore” or even “Mallcore,” but I don’t hear that at all. In fact, this is mostly a throwback to older Thrashy Death Metal, with Angela’s raspy vocals fitting very well with this style. The only thing that really seems modern is the slick (but not overly so) production. Sadly, I’d guess that a lot of the more underground Metal fans are going to overlook Doomsday Machine simply because the band is gaining popularity (I just about shit myself when I saw the video for the excellent “Nemesis” playing on the big screen at the local Media Play!), and that’s a shame, since there is a lot to like here. one odd thing, though: my review copy has 98 tracks with each of the eleven songs broken into multiple tracks. That’s super annoying, and I truly hope that this is some stupid bullshit only done to the review copies. [It was only the review copies. -Editor] As long as I’m hoping, I’d also like to hope that this isn’t the band’s last good album. Fame has a way of making bands suck, and it looks like Arch Enemy is on the way to being kind of a big deal.

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