Aphotic - Stillness Grows

Posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2010

When you splice the DNA of the gods with your own, you become godlike. Just ask Rapture or Daylight Dies, who have crafted masterful works under the influence and inspiration of the almighty Katatonia. Add to that fold Green Bay’s Aphotic, who may even bring more originality to the altar than their aforementioned peers. After two flawless EPs (Aphotic and Under Veil of Dark - both included on this disc), this trio featuring ex-members of Dusk have added a live drummer to the fray (not that you can even tell, as their drum machine programming in the past has sounded extraordinarily real) and have served up five more perfect gems of rhythmic despondency. These guys go the extra mile to find the grooves that hurt and the melodies that intoxicate. Enveloped with an aura of dismal serenity, this band can actually manifest depression. Incorporating clean vocals with a downtrodden Death-snarl takes this band to new melancholic heights, and just listen to them invoke the discouraged masters on “Lunar Ride.” It gives me chills. Three flawless EPs a flawless full length doth make.

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