Anwyl - Postmortem Apocalypse

Posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Postmortem Apocalypse was one of those albums you hear about long before it ever hits the stores. It was recorded in 2002 and everyone who supposedly heard it thought it was fucking great. Having heard their previous release, Bloody Mary, I was interested in hearing how this band had progressed. After having given this album a spin or five, I have to conclude that while this album is definitely good, it just doesn’t have that intangible that makes an album “great.” Having said that, there are plenty of things that Anwyl did on this CD that are worth mentioning. They’ve incorporated some more Thrash into their sound, added a little more technical ability, some good guitar solos and I can tell that their songwriting has also improved. There were only two areas that I thought could use a little work. First of all, the drumming… I must admit that I think blast beats are boring and make every song sound the same. Anwyl seems to have a drummer who clearly enjoys playing fast and furious. The lack of restraint in the drumming department really made this album more repetitious than it should have sounded. Add this to problem number two, the production, and you have a situation where the hyperactive drumming really hurts. This album is drum-heavy. The snare is obviously one of the top two loudest things on this CD. When the guitar gets drowned out, things get generic. These two things really weren’t big deals in and of themselves but in combination, they add up to enough to bring this down a notch. There is still plenty of good stuff on Postmortem Apocalypse but if you’re looking for an album that legitimately qualifies as “great,” this is close but not quite there yet. Their next album, however, may be the one that puts Anwyl on the list of contenders for the throne.

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