Anwyl - Bloody Mary

Posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This band is definitely a contender in the Unreadable Band Logo category, as it looks evil and Satanic (lots of inverted crosses, demon horns and such) but leaves you wondering just where you get the letters to spell the band’s name amidst all that Satanic imagery. Anwyl plays a rather under-produced style of Blackened Death Metal that is definitely in the need of help in the sound clarity department. The problem is not that their songs suck or that they lack ability. This is not the case. Yes the songs are a bit primitive but hey, I’ve heard tons worse. The lyrics are kind of dopey in the “Kill Your Momma for Satan” kind of way, and songs about raping the Virgin Mary are most certainly old hat. The problem that Anwyl suffers from the most is the fact that everything sounds like it was recorded underwater. The guitars don’t suffer so much but both the vocals and the drums have that muffled flange. To top things off, the guitars are not loud enough to keep from being buried underneath the snare when the blast segments cut in. There are times on Bloody Mary that sound so muddled that you just give up trying to follow the song and let the chaos run rampant for a few seconds before the snare cuts out. With a better, clearer sound, this would have been 1000 times better. The net result of this, however, is nothing to write home about. Nor would I recommend chasing this one down unless you have to own everything.

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