Annotations of an Autopsy - Dark Days

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last year’s offering (II: The Reign of Darkness) from these UK bruisers saw the band shedding most of the Deathcore sound they started out with in favor of a more straightforward Death Metal stance. With this EP, all that is thrown to the wayside as the chugga-chugga breakdowns, stomping groove, and gang vocals return to the fray with a vengeance. This is perhaps even more Core than they were before. It’s not as though they ever really abandoned groove, but much of the technical proficiency has been stripped down to bareknuckle basement fury. These songs are decent. Heavy and catchy albeit seemingly thrown together with an undeniable dumbed-down-on-purpose vibe. I don’t want to complain too much, as these guys have the talent and the gusto to pull off just about any musical style they’d want to, I’d imagine, but consistency is quite a merit as well. It begs the question, are they changing styles to suit the critics? Is it due to the record labels involved? Death Metal for our Nuclear Blast full-lengths, Deathcore for this Siege of Amida stopgap EP? It ultimately comes down to, are they playing what’s in their hearts or just trying to score the biggest target audience? Maybe a severe case of ADD? It might just be the case that this EP is nothing more than throwaway tracks from previous recording sessions or maybe a collection of doctored up rejects from the drawing board trash can. This is exclusively available via digital download/iTunes, so in the purist hearts of (tangible) record collectors such as myself, this only exists in theory anyway. All this fuss about the fence-jumping could be over nothing. Or maybe they just wanted to accomplish what they have undoubtedly stirred up in the mind yours truly… now I am morbidly curious to hear what their next album will sound like.

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