Anhkrehg - Lands of War

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This band hails from Canada, and in case you’re wondering, they’re from the French speaking area. This explains the songs with French lyrics. I’ll leave it at that before my hereditary dislike of French people kicks in (England!). Regardless, this is some pretty potent Black/Death Metal with some Thrashier moments that I’m inclined to say has a lot more in common with older German Thrash than either Norse Black Metal or Death Metal in either the Swedish style or the American Florida/Buffalo style. The vocals are mostly in the traditional “raspy shriek” with the occasional Death growl thrown in. I personally thought that the inclusion of the Death growl was a good idea that just wasn’t implemented enough. I think they only do it for one or two songs and the rest are just raspy Black Metal styled shrieks. The guitar is pretty loud but I noticed that though it was louder than the bass, the drums were still the dominant instrument here. And the snare is kind of annoying too. I think the biggest problem Anhkrehg faces is musical diversity. Many of the songs were similarly structured and though the riffs were different, the drumming was pretty much the same - and when the drums are the loudest instrument, that’s not good. Lands of War is intense and brutal, which is always a plus when playing Black/Death, and since this is their debut album, I’m hoping that these guys experiment with their sound and mix things up a bit more on their next release.

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