Angantyr - Kampen Fortsatter

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This band clearly likes the whole “minimalism” aspect of old Burzum/Judas Iscariot. Kampen Fortsatter sounds very much in the vein of early Burzum. It’s got that grim, dark feeling and the riffs are very repetitive, almost getting that “droning” quality. Angantyr has definitely got the atmosphere part of Burzum nailed. Musically, this is more in the vein of third or fourth-album-era Burzum, where the songs are long but not epic length. There are keyboards used but mostly as a garnish, adding atmosphere where needed but not an integral part of the band’s sound. Most of the tracks on Kampen Fortsatter are guitar-based, without any keyboards at all. If you like bands in the vein of Burzum or Judas Iscariot, you’ll definitely enjoy the music of Angantyr.

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