Andras - Quest for Deliverance

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I believe that this is the fourth strike by German Atmospheric Black Metal stalwarts Andras and though the bulk of the album is some pretty good stuff, I really have to question the inclusion of the Sodom cover (“Blasphemer”). The reason for this is that it totally interrupts the flow of the album. The cover sounds so out of place that it really draws attention to itself. Imagine a Death Metal song in the middle of an Iron Maiden album. That’s how different it sounds. Another problem this band faces is the fact that they don’t sound all that good when they play fast. When the speed kicks up, their songs lose all the feeling and atmosphere that they had built up as well as calling attention to how thin the guitars and drums are. This is a clearly keyboard dominated band and they should remember that. Their best work is in the slower to mid-paced realm. Next time guys, forget the fast stuff and concentrate on the atmosphere. That’s the stuff that sounds the best.

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