Ancient - The Halls of Eternity

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is Ancient’s fourth full-length album (they also have a 7-inch EP and a MCD to their credit as well) and this one sees the band returning to an almost entirely Norse line-up. The previous line-up had several American members but because of difficulties in having band members in two different countries, Aphaziel decided to recruit new members from his local scene. I don’t have Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends, so I can’t really comment on their progression but I can say that the songs are solid and are diverse enough to keep my attention. The riffs have more catchiness than previous efforts and the songs are much more memorable as a result. In terms of actual sound, this treads the line between the more Gothic style of Cradle of Filth and the more symphonic style of Emperor. Ancient has hints of both bands but really never sounds overly much like either. I’ve always considered this band one of the second tier of Black Metal bands and though they haven’t really moved up, they still retain their position while older, more established bands have fallen downwards in the rankings.

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