Anal Cunt - The Old Testament

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1. Phil Anselmo Gave Seth Putnam AIDS
2. Dying from AIDS Is Gay
3. R.I.P. Funny Bastard
4. I’m Gonna Miss Your Crazy Ass
5. In the End It’s About Not Giving a Rat’s Dick What People Think
6. I Also Don’t Give a Rat’s Dick What People Think
7. Henceforth, Anal Cunt Songs Made Me Feel Warm Inside
8. That Was Taken from Me Like Your Kid At the Supermarket, Bitch
9. Posthumous Releases Are Gay
10. This Compilation Is Gay
11. It Sounds Like Total Shit
12. Noise-Fart Songs #1-467
13. It’s Because These Songs Are Older Than Betty White’s Pussy
14. That’s Why They Called It The Old Testament (Which Is Also from a Book About Christian Mythology)
15. Anal Cunt Didn’t Get Good Until Top 40 Hits
16. I’m Paying Homage to That Release with This Review
17. People Who Think That’s Dumb Are Gay
18. You’re Gay
19. So Is Your Dad
20. You Have a Gay Dad
21. That Glam Rock Anal Cunt Album Was Really Gay
22. That’s Not How I’ll Remember Seth Putnam
23. Seth Putnam Was an UnderGrind Legend
24. He Just Happened to Be a Comedian at Heart
25. His Heart Stopped (That’s Gay)
26. Noise-Fart Songs #468-587 (Live in a Carl’s Jr Bathroom)
27. This Compilation Isn’t How I’ll Remember Seth Putnam Either
28. It’s an Unrealistic Amount of Fucking Around to Try and Process All at Once
29. My Friend Paul’s Band Toured with Anal Cunt in Mexico Before Cordless Phones Were Invented
30. He Still Won’t Shut the Fuck Up About It
31. Shut Up Paul
32. Noise-Fart Songs #598-654 (split w/Inverted Bitch Fister)
33. I’m Gonna Give This a 7 Because Seth Putnam Is Dead
34. It’s Probably More Like a 4
35. Your Mom Fucked a Gay Guy and You Were Born
36. Seth Putnam Did Not Go to Heaven When He Died
37. You Don’t Go Anywhere When You Die, You’re Just Dead (There Is No Heaven)
38. His Heaven Was Entertaining Fags
39. My Favorite Anal Cunt Song of All Time Was Their Cover of…
40. American Woman (The Guess Who)

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Koji Kabuto said:

I just read the gayest review on earth!

(Just kidding, Jack! It’s actually a great tribute to the late Mr. Putnam.)

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 08:10:00 AM

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