An Autumn for Crippled Children - Everything

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2011

This sounds weird. It’s like someone got the tapes mixed up in the studio. Musically, this is Goth Rock. If you removed the vocal track, this could easily have been Sisters of Mercy or Love Like Blood. It’s mellow, dark but not “evil” sounding, and dwells in that area between melancholy and depression. It’s not aggressive or wrist-slitting miserable. The vocals, though, are straight-out Black Metal. That’s where the weirdness comes in. It sounds like the vocalist is screaming in torment, but the tone and style of the music don’t seem to match. I guess the nearest musical equivalent would be if you locked Mika Luttien from Impaled Nazarene inside a Hot Topic filled with Justin Bieber and Twilight merchandise and made him listen to the Happy Mondays all night long. This isn’t bad for Goth Rock, but if I want to listen to Goth Rock, I want to hear someone like Peter Murphy (ex-Bauhaus) singing, not someone who wishes that he was actually singing for Dark Funeral. Likewise, when I want to listen to someone screaming in torment, it had better be to a backing band playing brutal, twisted, evil music. It isn’t Goth enough to be Goth and not Metal enough to be Metal. Even calling this Gothic Metal is misleading because it implies the heaviness of Metal and the atmosphere of Goth. Everything is an attempt at doing two completely different things and accomplishing neither one very well. It doesn’t suck but the whole isn’t the sum of its parts. Either get heavier or kick out your singer and replace him with someone who can actually do Goth Rock vocals properly.

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