Amebix - Arise!

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in 1985 or so, when this record (sans the bonus tracks, of course) was initially released, the word “Crust” apparently had a different meaning than the one it has come to possess since then. The combination of Punk and Metal at the time of Arise! lacked the speed and intensity that E.N.T. or Driller Killer would bring to it later on. But does it’s mid-pacedness make this any less good? Not really, but it is different and probably not what you’d expect if I had just said that this is a great slab of seminal Crust. And then there are the vocals, which are also probably not what you might expect, being that they are more British cider Punk - thick and sloppy - as opposed to the prototypical E.N.T. growl / scream combo. The bonus tracks are a big plus for me, since I do have the original pressing, and there are also pretty extensive liner notes (including some comments from none other than the legendary underground artist Pushead).

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