Alghazanth - Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010

Alghazanth is a Finnish horde that plays atmospheric Black Metal and really reminds me of no one particular band. They are clearly influenced by Emperor, Cradle of Filth and some of the more melodic Black Metal bands but no one of them comes out as a clear, dominating influence. The music is engaging and contains enough melody to make listening easier. The pervading feeling on this album is one of melancholy or sadness. Even when the band goes balls to the wall and starts blasting, this never really gets aggressive or brutal. They have the same feeling no matter if they play slow or fast. Maybe it’s because the keyboards are so dominant. The guitars aren’t buried but they are clearly taking a backseat to the keys. The only other gripe I had was the band’s horrible English but since they come from a non-English speaking country, I can’t fault them for that. My Finnish is a hell of a lot worse than their English. Had they come from the USA, that would have cost them badly. This is a band to look out for and I expect good things from Alghazanth in the future.

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