Aggression - Viocracy

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2012

This is album number two for Spain’s Aggression. I don’t have their first album, but it’s clear that these guys learned what Thrash was from reading Guitar World. If your idea of Thrash is Baloff-era Exodus, Slayer, Peace Sells…-era Megadeth, Kill ‘em All-era Metallica, and Possessed, you’re going to think that Aggression sucks almost immediately. This isn’t brutal, fire-breathing Thrash Fucking Metal. This isn’t even Melodic Thrash like Heathen or Anvil Chorus. This is Thrash for the Fate’s Warning/Dream Theater crowd. It’s “check out how technical my riffing is!” Thrash Metal that is talented but ultimately soulless. You can be technical and still be brutal. If you need an example, Peace Sells… by Megadeth is probably one of the best Technical Thrash albums ever made. The music is memorable, technical and brutal as fuck. It kills posers on contact. [Too bad it can’t retroactively kill Dave Mustaine. -Editor] Viocracy doesn’t. You might get a favorable review from Guitar World for your use of inventive picking techniques, but this lacks in the most vital areas: passion and aggression. You don’t “feel it” with these guys. Their band name may be Aggression, but they certainly don’t deliver it.

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