Aeternus - Shadows of Old

Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hailing from Norway, Aeternus has risen above the masses to create music which transcends the norm. They play a style of music which is very difficult to classify. Their Black Metal roots are evident, but this band really goes beyond the trappings of traditional Black Metal. One of the differences is the vocal delivery of singer Ares, which is a solid Death Metal roar. Another difference of note is the way the atmosphere is created. Where many Black Metal bands would use keyboards to create atmosphere, Aeternus opts for acoustic guitar rhythms instead. Also, the drumming is not buried in the production. It is absolutely solid and mixed perfectly.
Shadows of Old, the fourth release by Aeternus, is nothing short of brilliant. Blending atmosphere with brutality, Aeternus paints a landscape of blood-freezing horror. Speeding drums and raging guitars suddenly give way to beautifully crafted acoustic passages. Yet the music has such a natural flow it becomes enthralling.
Their three previous releases: Dark Sorcery, Beyond the Wandering Moon, and …and So the Night Became, are all testimony to the seemingly endless talent which lies within Aeternus. Shadows of Old has all of the amazing elements of its predecessors, but this release has a stronger dose of Death Metal aggression. This may be a result of Aeternus having toured with Deicide and Cannibal Corpse prior to the recording of Shadows of Old. This release has firmly established Aeternus among the elite. Their sound is truly original. Of course, if you ask me, Aeternus have been in a class by themselves since the beginning! “Drink the blood, devour the heart / The glory of death shall flow through your veins / With strength were you born / With strength shall you rise.” Sounds good to me!

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