Adversary - Forsaken

Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010

Considering how intertwined this band is with Metal Curse magazine, it probably shouldn’t be reviewed by me or anyone else on the staff, but since I bought a copy (yes, I paid money for this…), I figured that I’d throw in my two cents about what I think of it. Adversary has always had a more melodic side to them than most Death Metal bands and Forsaken seems to highlight that aspect with the myriad of catchy, Thrashy riffs on display here. They also have a live drummer in the form of Bob Burns (another long-time associate of Metal Curse magazine, just look at all the covers he’s done…). Unlike The Winter’s Harvest, there are no keyboards and no Industrialized drumming, a-la drum machine. This sort of takes away a bit from their identity though their music is still just as good. One thing about Adversary is that though they are melodic, they aren’t overly so. There is still plenty of brutality to go around on Forsaken and that’s always a plus. The playing on Forsaken is tight and Ray rages away like the bastard offspring of Johnny Hedlund (the singer from Unleashed for the brain dead out there) and Evil Chuck (R.I.P.). Forsaken is more stripped down and Doomier in style than I was expecting, and though I liked the debut album better (I’m a sucker for atmosphere and this doesn’t have the same identity as the debut), this still gave me a healthy dose of whiplash and a concussion that should end my career as a crash test dummy.

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