Adversam - Animadverte

Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010

I was expecting something more from this band as their label, Scarlet, released the Aborym album. Unfortunately, Adversam are plagued by a problem that infects about 85% of the Metal scene in general. The problem, you ask? Drums. Not bad drums but overly loud drums. Adversam has drums that are so loud compared to the other instruments that I’m tempted to call this a blast-beat rap album. The keyboards are good and what little of the guitars that I could hear were OK too but when the drummer is going along at full blast, you can’t hear any of it. Adversam kind of reminds me of Dark Funeral or older Immortal but with keyboards and a little more atmosphere. Imagine the first Immortal album played at Pure Holocaust speeds. The result isn’t bad in itself. With the current mix, however, it really sounds annoying. There is so much more going on in the background that it pisses me off that I can’t really hear any of it because the drums drown out most of it completely. Next time, please turn up the guitars and turn down those fucking drums!!! I’d like to give it a higher rating, as I feel that this band really is quite talented, but the mix brings this down a whole lot.

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