Acheron - Compedium Diablerie - The Demo Days

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As one of the few bands officially sanctioned by the Church of Satan, Acheron’s history has been long and storied. This CD compiles a lot of old demo material, mostly tracks from before their debut album, Rites of the Black Mass. The oldest tracks are from 1989 and the last three, tracks from the demo for Those Who Have Risen, were recorded in 1993. The sound quality, naturally, reflects the demo status of these songs. The resulting rawness does nothing to harm the actual listenability of the songs, though. I was a bit disappointed that no mention of where these songs came from was made in the band bio that was included in the inlay. Another disappointment was the lack of intros to their songs. One of the things that distinguished Acheron from other Death Metal bands from Florida was their inclusion of atmospheric interludes and segments of the Black Mass or other Satanic rituals / ideologues (the 9 Satanic Statements on the Hail Victory CD, for example). This is almost pure Death Metal with the only real atmospheric bits coming in at the end (when they had a keyboard player). For fans of the band and lovers of old-school Florida Death Metal, this is a real must.

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