Acephalix - Deathless Master

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012

My first reaction to this was “Wow, I didn’t know Dismember put out a new album!” When I checked my player again, I found that I was wrong and that this was Acephalix. Odder still, this band apparently comes from San Francisco and I’ve never fucking heard of them. I know most of the bands from around here and that struck me as strange. According to what I was able to find out about the band, they started out as a Crust band but morphed into a Death Metal band over time. Regardless of how they got there, they sound very much like old Swedish Death Metal. They have that Sunlight Entombed/Dismember sound down pat. The pacing is slower, though they never slow down to the point where they become Doom/Death like Asunder. The only real flaw that this band really has is that they sound a bit too much like old Dismember. You keep checking your player to see if you aren’t really listening to Like an Ever Flowing Stream. Still, this is some seriously brutal and heavy Death Metal. I like the fact that it gets your head banging almost right away and by the time you hit the album-closer, “The Hunger,” your neck is completely fucked up. Deathless Master should come with a neck brace.

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