Accept - Metal Blast from the Past (video)

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Accept was one of the first bands I ever really got into when I was a kid, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. With that in mind… First up here is the 1985 documentary/concert video, Staying a Life. Unfortunatley, the show was edited for the video release, and is missing six or seven songs that are on the CD version (released in 1990). Worse yet, the show is occasionally interrupted with the documentary voice-over and/or footage. It’s not that the documentary isn’t interesting, but it should have been a seperate feature, and we should have gotten to see the entire, unedited, show. The CD version of Staying a Life is one of my all-time favorite live albums, so I must admit being a little disappointed that I don’t finally get to see the entire show. That would have made this an easy 10, even without any bonuns features. Still, what’s here is pretty fucking awesome. Admittedly, the video quality is not flawless, but this was recorded a million years ago in 1985. The audio also isn’t 5.1, but I wouldn’t expect it to be. Where this really shines is with the wealth of bonus material. It’s got seven video clips (including “Balls to the Wall,” of course), a three-song live show from 1993 Bulgarian TV (not exactly of the highest video/audio quality, unfortuantley), plus “behind the scenes” footage, a career-spanning photo gallery, compelte band discography, biogrpahy, and even audio samples from every one of the band’s albums. And although not branded a DualDisc, this is a DVD one one side and a CD on the other. The CD side nine previously unreleased songs! Well… okay, while that’s technically true, only two of the songs are really previously unheard. The rest consists of demo versions, an acoustic version and a Japan-only bonus track. For fans of Accept and/or main-man Udo, this disc is an absolute must. For non-fans (if such a thing exists!) a better introduction would be the aforementioned 1990 Staying a Life live album.

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