Absurd - Asgardsrei (2001 reissue)

Posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This CD is a “remastered” repress of their “kult” release on IG Farben a couple years ago. If you own the original, you’re really not getting a whole lot of new stuff with this re-issue. The packaging is definitely a step up from the original but musically, the only new track is the intro, “Leben Ist Krieg, Krieg Ist Leben”, which was composed and recorded by Rob Darken of Graveland/Lord Wind. Musically, Absurd is still working that Skinhead Punk/Black Metal hybrid that they’ve been playing since their demo days. Their sound kind of mixes Skrewdriver and Bathory with catchy hooks and memorable riffs. The sound has improved only marginally, having been cleaned up but truthfully, it is still lacking in the guitar department. In fact, outside of the solos, it sounds like this album was recorded with a drum machine and a bass guitar. I’m kind of hoping that Absurd can produce a really good album that would justify their position in the scene but honestly, they’re more hype than ability. Maybe if they can keep their asses out of jail long enough, they might be able to do that. Being a Nazi in Germany might have been OK in 1938 but in this day and age, it’s a pretty tough proposition. If you can buy this cheap, it might be good for a tidy sum on eBay.

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