Absurd - Asgardsrei

Posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I just loved the way Pit magazine reviewed this EP. It was a long political statement that had nothing at all to do with this EP’s music. I came away knowing next to nothing about Absurd besides the fact that they were Nazis. Yes, I agree that raiding No Colours and Darker Than Black’s offices and confiscating their stuff is stupid and that no matter what their political affiliations are, they deserve to speak their mind no matter what they have to say. If you are a music magazine reviewing a release, at least have the courtesy to tell us a little about the music. Now, about Absurd’s music… Absurd had always been the strangest Black Metal band I’d ever heard. They had more in common musically with the Oi scene than with Metal. In fact, their demos were pretty much just Oi music with Black Metal vocals and Satanic lyrics. This EP still has a lot of that style in it. There are more Black Metal parts on Asgardsrei but there are plenty of Oi influenced hooks in their songs. The most memorable parts, in fact, are these hooks. The production is quite a bit on the shitty side with the guitar being way too low for my taste. In fact, I’m not even sure that there is a guitar on this. The production is so bass heavy that what I’m hearing may really a distorted bass guitar. And that drum sound… I’ve heard drum machines that sound better than this. All the lyrics are in German and no translations are forthcoming. The fact that I could get this in America is somewhat of a small miracle in itself. This CD will probably only appeal to skins or aficionados of WP/NS Black Metal (fans of Graveland, Perunwit, Thunderbolt or Nargaroth for example) as this more interesting because of the bands Nazi ideology than because of their music.

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