Abruptum - Potestates Apocalypsis

Posted on Friday, October 21, 2011

It doesn’t surprise me at all that I’m holding an Abruptum CD in my hand in 2011. It really doesn’t. Why wouldn’t he release something now? It’s perfect timing. This is an era where the douche from Sunn O))) can strum one chord, let it ring out for eight minutes with feedback, and one of the happy faggots at Terrorizer will call it ‘a brilliant mastery of permeating soundscapes.’ This is an era where Blake Judd could hold a microphone into the toilet during one of those Kuma’s Corner shits and some Decibel lifelover will say it’s ‘tripped out, otherworldly psychedelia.’ Potestates Apocalypsis will be on more than one of the cumstains at Metal Hammer’s year-end top 10 lists, I guarantee it. This is simply the age of misjudged quality. People will look you right in the eye and tell you that Jimmy John’s is “really good,” as they finish eating the brussel sprouts they ordered with their bread, lettuce, and mayo sub (now with transparent sliver of meat). Don’t get me wrong, I like War and Ophthalamia, but It and All aren’t even involved with this anymore. This is just some guy from Marduk sonically masturbating. It’s a mean joke is what it is. And that’s the only way this piece of shit could be of any worth is as a mean joke. Example: go hand this out at the mall to cute girls and tell them it’s your demo. It’s just sounds. No skill, no worth. Just annoying sounds. Close to 50 minutes of them. Life is way too long for such blatant fucking around.

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