Aborym - Fire Walk with Us

Posted on Monday, March 08, 2010

Italy’s Aborym returns with their sophomore effort, featuring ex-Mayhem (and current Tormentor / Plasma Pool) vocalist Attila at the helm for the vast bulk of this album. The first Aborym disc saw Attila appearing only as a guest vocalist, but this time he’s there for every song except the cover of Burzum’s “Det Somme Engang Var.” If he had a problem with the band’s choice of cover tunes, I can fully understand why he didn’t participate in the recording of that particular song. The cover is pretty faithful to the original, packing in a lot of that Burzum atmosphere and dark, evil feeling. The other songs are atmospheric as well but in a different way. Musically, Aborym incorporates a lot of keyboard-driven atmospheric parts with some occasional Techno-Industrial drumming, some samples and a heap of fast and furious guitar-work. The speed on this album is fairly close to what bands like Baltak or Kult Ov Azazel are doing (hyperspeed for the most part, with the occasional slowdown) though they never stay in “blast” mode for very long. The main attraction for me is Attila’s vocals. This guy just sounds plain fucking evil and everything he’s done (with the exception of the last Tormentor album which was musically bad, not vocally) has really been worth picking up. Oh yeah, this album is supposedly infused with “theta waves” so if you feel strange after listening to it, it’s not something in your pot that’s causing it.

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