Aborted - Coronary Reconstruction

Posted on Thursday, January 06, 2011

If these Belgian sickos would be so kind as to give up on full-length albums and stick to EPs with Entombed covers on them, I’d be very happy. 2004’s The Haematobic EP contained a stunning rendition of “Drowned”, and this short monsterpiece includes no less than “Left Hand Path” itself! Is “Revel in Flesh” next? I hope so. In fact, stop teasing us and just cover the entire Left Hand Path album! Seriously, who doesn’t want to hear Aborted’s version of “Premature Autopsy”? Get on it, guys! Entombed riffs apparently energize main-man/growler Svencho (the new guitarists, too, probably), and this ferocious Death Metal onslaught is more simultaneously brutal and memorable than I remember Aborted ever being before. You might even find yourself screaming along to “Grime.” Of course, I was just kidding about only wanting EPs from Aborted, but Coronary Reconstruction has set the bar astonishingly high for the next LP, whenever it may be unleashed. Bring to light that day of joy.

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