A Thousand Years Slavery - A Fury Named Spartan

Posted on Sunday, March 07, 2010

I have always defended Metalcore. When it was a fresh, budding genre, I was just as excited about it as I was in the early ’90s when Death Metal changed my life. Early albums from the likes of Poison the Well, Eighteen Visions, and Heaven Shall Burn couldn’t be removed from my stereo with a crowbar for the majority of the last decade. Haters were hating from the get-go, and I raised my middle finger high in devout defense. That being said, even I am getting tired of the shit. When you consider the mind-numbing plethora of Metalcore/Deathcore bands to surface of late, which have caused many of the genre’s giants to abandon ship, one has to wonder if the limits have been stretched to the point of being torn to shreds. Take Switzerland’s A Thousand Years Slavery. Good band, good breakdowns, good Swedish Death melodies, great brutal vocals, great clean vocals… not enough. It’s been done to death and thensome to the point where doing it well is just not enough anymore. More like a thousand years too late.

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