A Farewell Fire - The Thin Line Between

Posted on Sunday, March 07, 2010

Musically, A Farewell Fire remind of three different styles: Metalcore, Radio Rock, and Nu-Metal. I know that sounds scary, and it is, but in all honesty, my beef with this self-financed disc is not the music at all. It’s these fucking American Idol vocals that ruin it for me. It’s not like Billy Moros can’t sing either, he has a better voice than the fags from Nickelback, Staind, Hinder, or whatever band braindead pieces of shit listen to this month, but it just doesn’t fit right or sound good at all. What sucks is when the Hardcore backing vocals kick in (“Design”), you get a glimpse of how good this would be with a more abrasive style. The lyrics aren’t too bad, either. If they could just stop trying to be an even more pussified version of Disturbed for ten minutes and embrace their aggression, they’d be kickin’ your dick in. With this strained Pop crooning, they’re just sucking it.

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