7000 Dying Rats - Fanning the Flames of Fire

Posted on Sunday, March 07, 2010

This is a review of the LP version of this. The CD version (on Invisible Records) is pretty different, with some alternate (and more) songs in a completely different order. Fortunately both versions contain the cut “Anal Cunt Is Gay,” which should win an award for funniest song title ever. And they also do an insane Vegas Lounge Act / John Zorn version of Venom’s “Sacrifice” that’s only on the LP, thus making it a must have. This description of their Venom cover is pretty accurate for the majority of the LP. It’s a crazy juxtaposition of styles and sounds that parodies and roasts everything you can imagine, all filtered through an “evil” context. And the accompanying “press release” about this album is a photocopy of an old Manowar news letter, with “Manowar” whited out and “7000” handwritten in its place. A sense of humor is sort of a rare find these days, so I’ll give ‘em credit there, and conceptually I love this band, but like the aforementioned John Zorn, this can be something of a challenge to listen to, so I’m not sure how often I’ll spin it, which makes assigning a rating pretty fuckin’ tough, but what the shit.

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