Welcome to the new MetalCurse.com!

Posted on Friday, September 03, 2010

After months of work, this new version of MetalCurse.com is finally here!
New reviews will be daily, with interviews and other features added as often as possible.
Metal Curse started publication in 1989, obviously as a print zine, since the world wide web hadn’t been invented yet. In addition to a constant stream of new reviews, interviews, and other brain-stimulation, this new website features all of the archived reviews from all 12 of the print issues of Metal Curse, plus a few extra reviews that were cut from the print issues due to space limitations. And of course all the content from the previous versions of MetalCurse.com, all in a fully searchable database.
Or rather, it will.
We’re still working on getting all of the archived material online, since we will add the old stuff as we go, with our full concentration on new content.
So for the time being what you see on the “new” page is going to be a mix of old and new content.
Please keep in mind that most of the archive reviews were written when the material being reviewed was brand-new. In other words, a lot of these reviews are ancient.
By the time we’ve gotten all the archived material online, it’ll probably be time to start all over with another total site redesign!

If you have any suggestions for improving MetalCurse.com, let us know.

“Metal never bends and will never die!”

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Lemmy said:

Fucking kick ass!

Posted on Monday, August 16, 2010 - 05:04:26 AM

Deathbringer said:

Glad to see that Metal Curse is finally back online!
The new site looks fuckin great!!

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2010 - 05:07:29 AM

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