My Dying Bride - Evinta

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I’m sure that re-imagining My Dying Bride songs (or parts of songs, whatever) into sparse Orchestral/Ambient backgrounds, with Aaron occasionally talking over them and some Opera chick sporadically singing snippets of lyrics (and not in a cool way, if that’s even possible) must have seemed like a good idea to someone. That person needs immediate mental help. In its 2-CD regular edition (or limited edition digibook), Evinta is the most tedious, uninteresting 87 minutes I’ve ever heard. Hearing the fan in my computer spin is infinitely more engaging. I’d say that it was a chore to sit through this album, but while it played I kept forgetting that I was even listening to anything at all, so completely did it fade into the background and onward into oblivion. Please don’t misunderstand and think that I simply don’t like Dark Ambient. I do when the mood strikes me, if it’s interesting (Arcana, Endura to name but two). Evinta, however, is not dark and it’s certainly not interesting, it’s not even annoying or terrible - it’s not anything. The 3-CD deluxe edition is 42 minutes longer, for those who wish for more nothing. I want my 130 fucking minutes back.

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